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Price £XX.00 for XX Units, delivery included.



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Price £XX.00 for XX Labels, delivery included.



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Price £XX.00 for XX Labels, delivery included.

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Simple Email Order

We try to be flexible and helpful with your ordering. Please send us an email with the items, engraving text and quantity required.
And include the following details:

  • Item name: 'Found By Trowel' or 'Custom Metal Tool - XXXXX', and overall Quantity of each Item type.
  • Engraving Text for back of Trowel: Max: 5 words per line, 4 lines, for the standard price. Quantity of trowels each Text.
  • Engraving Text for back of Custom Metal Tool: Max: 5 words per line, 4 lines, for the standard price. Quantity of Tools each Text. BUT may be less for smaller items
  • Barcodes, QR Codes, and graphics are available for extra cost, by quotation.
  • Contact and Delivery details
  • Preferred payment method (BACS bank transfer; Debit/Credit Card or paypal clickable link; postal cheque with order)

Please send the Order email to us here.

We will then contact you by email or phone to confirm your exact requirements and take your payment

Terms And Conditions:

  • is a trading name of Ashley Basil Horticultural Services. We are not VAT Registered.
  • 1st Class Royal Mail UK Postage inclusive on all products.
  • For international shipping please contact us.
  • Please remember: No spelling or botanical checks are carried out on the information you provide
  • Due to the nature of label marking, the finish and colour may vary slightly to the one shown in pictures.
  • The sizes stated are nominal.

Payment Details:

After we receive your Order Email, we will send you a Confirmation Email, containing options for payment:
By Cheque;
Bank Transfer;
And a clickable link to our secure payments page for Credit Card / Paypal.