Lost By Trowel

Lost By - Trowel



Lost By Tom

The Lost By trowel is a perfect gift for the addicted gardener, they can be customised for that personal touch.

They are deeply engraved on Stainless Steel will not fade or corrode even when Composted.

NB. Do not Compost.

Price £15.00 for an Engraved Trowel, UK delivery included. International delivery £10.00



Doctors bury their...

What would you put on them for that personalised gift?

A joke, a Gardening saying, may be a family motto,
Or just a big thank-you.



Found By Tom - Doh!

They are made of Stainless Steel and are very tough.

But we recommend that you do not drive over them!

Our friend Tom lost his. Fortunately he found it again no trouble!

This was a costly mistake for him, but it did show how tough they are.

I am so glad that he was willing to share this photo!



It may be a weed...

Something a bit more cerebral might be the thing:
"It may be a weed instead of a fish that,
after all my labour, I at last pull up." Michael Faraday
- He wrote this when he thought he was onto something with electromagnetic induction.

How about less politically correct:
“No man should plant more garden than his wife can hoe.” Anon



What will you engrave?

"Lost By ...your name"
The old joke, or new.
The Family Motto.
- Ours is SFHB “Some Family Hold Back” which happens to be my one of my sons initials!
A cerebral thought.
Motivational message.
The personalised thank-you note.

Price £15.00 for an Engraved Trowel, UK delivery included. International delivery £10.00
See also our Custom Engraving Page for many more ideas.

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