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Stainless Steel Custom Engraving

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As well as our standard everlasting Stainless Steel plant labels, Laser Engraving can be used on a multitude of other materials with almost unlimited Graphics and Text applied.

Below are some of our ideas and projects. We can quote you one-off and quantity prices for any of these products, or for something quite different designed and made to your specifications.

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Custom Metal - credit card sized labels

We were asked by Kevin Hughes of Cally Gardens to develop an everlasting Stainless Steel plant Bed label. Most bed labels are about 3 by 4 inches, which can be intrusive, a credit card 3.5 by 2.0 inches can give a large font and have space for plenty of other information. We can also include Logos or QR codes.

The rear of the of the label can be use for management - maybe its just an Accession number or Bar Codes, but it has many other uses.

The addition of QR codes can be a very useful tool for linking to further information, and is a much more powerful tool of management. A standard Smart Phone will read and process these 2D bar codes, with a simple App. The code could be linked to a data base so that information can be updated or work schedules amended. Also if linked to mapping Geographic Information System (GIS) it can be used to track plants within a garden. Our standard label holder works with this.

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Custom Clay - Flower pots and Plant bed labelling Tiles

Another project was to produce a bed number Clay Tile that was large, cheap, simple and unobtrusive.

The Fibre Laser we use works well with metals - clay is manly Aluminium so will it mark? Yes! The result is clean and clear. It can be used for a wide variety of patterns and graphics, not just Text labels.

Promotional products are just a start; QR code can again be used; logos and other branding. How about a message on a brick!? This could be used for outreach, education, and interpretation.

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Acrylic - Lit artwork

These have the advantage of an attractive appearance, making the pieces highly suited to Education, Outreach and Evergreen/Perpetual Reminders.

Lots of interest in the life cycle of ferns and botanical artwork. Line drawings work very well with the Laser engraving and edge lighting (optional).

The lighting is powered by USB so keep those old phone chargers, or we can supply suitable type.

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Wood, Leaves, leather and Any Ideas - Let me know

We like trying new things so if you have some new ideas please get in contact.

Marking leaves was a fun idea, but some how it doesn't seem right! Wood objects and surfaces are easy to do, and look very nice.

We were asked by a botanic garden to produce 30 sets of fobs for their education work with children, they requested that they were on wood, light and easy to clean, working with them we produced sets of 5 Nature Word Search. And these rugged pieces tuned out to be very popular and have been in constant use all summer.

For an Aeronautical company, Foreign Object Damage (FOD) was a big worry, so we were asked to mark a set of tools used by an aircraft engineer, coded traceability is a high priority! Sadly its not working with the kids, as they keep nicking my tools.

We can colour mark Titanium. We have not found a use for it yet, but I know one lucky person who has not thrown out this birthday card.

And Evergreen/Perpetual Reminders for business promotion and home use with your Custom Message, can be made economically in any form, by request.

**NEW** We now do a sample range of this CUSTOM ENGRAVED labelling on the ETSY shopping site

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Custom Ordering

We try to be flexible and helpful with your ordering. Please send us an email or call us with your requirements. And we will email/call back with a quoted price or more questions.
Include as much detail as possible:

  • The base material type and shape to be Engraved.
  • Approximate text content and size (and Font).
  • Any Barcodes, QR Codes, and graphics required. Acceptable attached file types: txt, docx, xlsx, pdf, jpg, png, dwg, dxf, eps, svg, psd, ai and others. And scanned artwork or sketches all aid the process.
  • Contact and Delivery details
  • Preferred payment method (BACS bank transfer; Debit/Credit Card or paypal clickable link; postal cheque with order)

Please send us an email or call us with your requirements.

We will email/call back with a quoted price or more questions about the design.

Terms And Conditions:

  • After Quotation, and any discussions with the Customer. Price is agreed and Payment made with order.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to supply you with a satisfactory Custom Laser Engraved product. If the graphics are detailed or complicated we may have to produce several versions of your requested items, and send to you for approval. This may involve extra costs that we will try our best to foresee in the Quotation. We reserve the right to add reasonable extra costs after any ongoing tests and discussions with the Customer.
  • Please remember: No spelling or botanical/specialist checks are carried out on the information you provide.
  • Due to the nature of Laser engraving, the finish and colour may vary slightly to the one shown in pictures.
  • is a trading name of Ashley Basil Horticultural Services. We are not VAT Registered.
  • 1st Class Royal Mail UK Postage inclusive on all products.
  • For international shipping please contact us.

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